Clearinghouse Tracking

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About Clearinghouse Tracking

A healthcare clearinghouse is a middleman between healthcare providers and insurance payers. They help to coordinate between the insurer, patient, and healthcare provider to manage healthcare payments and submission of claims from one end to the other. The clearinghouse picks up claims from the hospital’s billing software,  after which they gather and process the documentation for each patient. After this, the clearinghouse helps to check the medical claim for any errors and to perform claim scrubbing, ensuring that the claims are correctly processed by the payer.

Upon establishing clean claims, the claims and other associated medical records are sent electronically to the relevant medical organizations. Clearinghouse tracking, therefore, refers to the process of tracking and monitoring the various steps and processes involved in the clearinghouse. This is so that healthcare providers and insurers remain updated about the claiming process and whether any changes need to be made.

Key Features of Clearinghouse Tracking

Clearinghouse provides the ability to take in non-standard data from the medical claims and process it into standard data formats which can be absorbed and understood by the payers’ adjudication system. Clearinghouse tracking helps to simplify the reimbursement claim process for hospitals and insurers as now healthcare providers only have to coordinate with the clearinghouse instead of different service providers.

Clearinghouses are associated with a large network of healthcare providers such as hospitals and clinics and are responsible for managing all aspects of claims for them. By tracking the clearinghouse, healthcare providers can better coordinate the various steps and processes involved for patient treatment and care, and in passing the bills to the insurance provider who pays the bill.

Clearinghouse tracking, therefore, simplifies the reimbursement claim process while clearinghouses act as a bridge between hospitals and insurers to ensure patients can get the best possible treatment, while hospitals do not lose revenue.

Why Choose KR Billing Solutions?

KR Billing Solutions can act as a clearinghouse for your medical company to help with your billing processes and reimbursement claims. We provide clearinghouse tracking services so that your staff can focus on patient care and medical treatment. KR Billing Solutions has the necessary infrastructure and software to ensure full and timely reimbursement from insurers while minimizing the financial risks to your business.

Our years of experience and expertise in the medical billing sector places us in a good position to help your company grow and maximize revenue. We are industry experts and a HIPAA compliant business which can provide seamless data exchange between you and your insurance providers. This helps to improve and speed up your claims process and assists in your business cash flow.

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