Charge Entry

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About Charge Entry

Charge entry refers to the process of assigning a suitable monetary value to the patient according to the corresponding fee schedule and chosen medical records. The charges for medical procedures and other medical services utilized by the patient are then submitted to the appropriate payers for billing. The healthcare provider is thus able to obtain reimbursements that are dependent on the charges entered for the medical service performed.

Charge entry involves a detailed accounting for the medical services provided and an initial intake of important information. Charge entry requires data to be collected, analyzed, and prepared. This data involves the patient information, medical history, demographics, and health insurance or payment plan. Details regarding the payors, in this case, the medical practitioners, doctors, or clinics, and the appointment and medical care provided to the patient are also required for charge entry.

It is also important for charge entry to be completed and submitted without any errors by clinics as not doing so may increase claim denials and prevent reimbursement.

Key Features of Charge Entry

Charge entry is an important step in the medical billing cycle. There are some key features of charge entry such as patient registration, establishing financial responsibility, and creating a ‘superbill’. Charge entry involves patient registration to collect the patient and payment information. Financial responsibility also has to be established for previous, current, and future medical treatments. A ‘superbill’ also has to be created to compile all the copayment and collected information.

The ‘superbill’ is then used to generate claims to facilitate submission to the payors such as the clinics and doctors. The claim is then submitted to the payor via the clearinghouse, following which the claim may be adjusted if needed and the patient statements for outstanding charges will be prepared. Lastly, the insurer and clinic will follow up with the patient to ensure that any outstanding payments are made in full.

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