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How we accelerate your practice revenue

Claim Scrubbing

All claims are scrubbed prior to submission to find inconsistencies and errors.

Denials Worked Daily

Our team works denials daily. This will prevent timely filing denials on corrected claim and appeals.

Experienced Proffesionals

We pride ourselves on having qualified and experienced professionals to handle all of your billing needs. Our staff is completely on shore and does not outsource.

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Why Outsource your Billing?

Boost Productivity

Most practices have employees that wear many hats. However, medical billing is a full time job. Outsourcing your billing allows time for your medical staff to focus on medical care, while ensuring your claims are being prioritized and worked daily!

Improved Returns

Medical billing professionals are experts in the field. When claims are sent with accuracy and compliance, your returns not only increase, but your turn around time for payment decreases.

Save on Overhead Cost

The price you pay for in-house billing is not just the loss of revenue. The overhead cost and fee's associated with an in- office staff include but are not limited to

  • Billing Software
  • Clearinghouse Cost
  • Salaries & Benefits
  • Equipment & Supplies

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Frequently Asked Questions?

We understand that revenue is the lifeline of any practice. So changing billing management is a tough decision. Whether you are outsourcing your billing for the first time or changing from another billing company, We've got you covered!

What will happen with my current and old AR?

Deciding what to do with aged out AR can be sometimes complicated. Together, we can make a plan to tackle aged out claims, send appeals, and try to collect as much reimbursement as possible.

How will your company fit our office needs?

We understand that every practice is unique , so we do not follow an all size fits all approach. Our company customizes services to fit the needs and pain points of your practice.

Do you offer competitive pricing?

Our office prides itself on quality work. Our pricing is based on several different factors, including but not limited to volume, specialty, location and services provided.

Is any work outsource outside of the United States?

In the medical billing field, we understand that this is a growing issue. With work being outsourced outside of the US in exchange for cheap labor, the quality of work has greatly decreased causing a strain in revenue. We guarantee that all of our business is onshore. This ensures the highest quality of work from professionals who stay up to date with the local and national policies and procedures. This also ensures that we stay HIPAA compliant with the information that is being shared.

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