Welcome to KRBillingSolutions.com Claims Revenue & Billing Cycle Management

Welcome to KRBillingSolutions.com Claims Revenue & Billing Cycle Management

Welcome to KRBillingSolutions.com Claims Revenue & Billing Cycle ManagementWelcome to KRBillingSolutions.com Claims Revenue & Billing Cycle Management

About Us


Experienced, Comprehensive Billing

KR Billing Solutions is a private medical billing service that offers personalized billing for our clients in order to assist in optimizing the financial health of your practice. With experience in professional as well as ASC/ Facility reimbursement we are confident that we can help your practice no matter the specialty or size.


The Highest Standards

With over 13+ years experience in healthcare revenue cycle managemnt, KR Billing Solutions knows just how to achieve the highest level of reimbursement. We are HIPAA complient and follow all federal and CMS guidelines. Whether your practice is big or small we can help maximize revenue as well as keep up with compliance and regulations in an ever changing healthcare climate. Giving you more time to focus on patient care.


Services We Offer

KR Billing Solutions offers a number of services to streamline your revenue cycle such as:

  • Charge Entry & Claim submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Insurance Follow Up
  • Patient Billing & Collections
  • Month- End Reporting
  • Benefits and Eligibility
  • Recredentialing

Our process


Charge Entry

Charge Entry is a vital step in the claims revenue cycle process. KR Billing Solutions enters all claim information within 24-48 hours of the date of service. The claims are then submitted via clearinghouse or dropped to paper to ensure timely filing.


Clearinghouse is monitered on a daily basis to ensure clean claims are being scrubbed and adjudicated. All claim rejections and errors are worked to also ensure timely filing of clean and accurate claims. 

Payment Posting

Payements are posted to accounts within 48 hours of the date of receipt. This includes but is not limited to checks, credit card payments, EFT's, and cash payments. Accurate payment posting gives a true refelctions of outstanding insurance and patient AR's to be worked. 

Insurance Follow Up & Appeals

Insurance Follow up includes working denials, contacting insurance payers by phone or web portal and making sure all claims are being accurately processed according to provider contracts. Every infraction will be followed up on to prevent revenue loss at the hands of insurance carriers. All claims that have not been processed accurately and/or denied will be appealed within the appeals timely filing limit. 

Patient Collections

Patient Collections process is straight forward. At KR Billing Solutions, statements are sent out on a monthly basis. All patients are contacted in regards to bringing accounts up to date within a timely manner. We strive to increase revenue by working with your patients and arranging payment plans if needed. 

WHY OUTsource?


The number one reason to outsource your billing is for practice optimization. Allow us professionals to handle the complexities of the US Healthcare system. This will allow your office staff to focus on patient care, all while saving on overhead cost. Let us help in streamlining your claims revenue cycle as well as building the financial health of your practice.

Competitive Pricing


We offer competitive pricing as well as customized services for practices of all sizes. All rates would be subject to consulation based on size and complexity of services. All practices would have pricing and contract terms to tailor fit the needs of the office.

Flexible Contract Terms


KR Billing  Solutions understands that we must win over your trust and business. We offer short and long term contracts with a 30-day cancellation policy. All contract terms are customized to fit each practice's specific needs.

about the owner


Kayla M Ruiz

Kayla M Ruiz has been in the healthcare industry for over 14 years.  After completing the Medical Billing and Coding Course at Sandford Brown Institute in 2005, she began her career. Working her way up from a charge entry level position to Managing a complete billing team . Specializing in ASC/ Facility claims revenue, she has worked with specialties including but not not limited to Ophthalmology, Optometry and Gastroenterology.  She is currently a member of The American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) and continues to stay informed on the constant changes in the US health care system. Kayla is very passionate

about her work and thoroughly enjoys running KR Billing Solutions.  


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